1. Booking rental car in KIU Tour Rental is valid if it has to transfer the deposit of at least IDR 100.000, to our bank account. This we do to avoid booking a fad or booking is not responsible.
  2. Car rental payment system at KIU Tour Car Rental is paid daily after the tour is completed and paid to drivers.
  3. Payments on the last day minus the deposits you have transferred into our bank account. In the case of unauthorized car rental cancellation then the deposit you have transferred to our bank account will be canceled (cancel fee).
  4. Duration of rental car in KIU Tour Car Rental is for 10 hours, when there is over time will be charged over time by 10% of the car rental price (according to the route price traveled).
  5. Damage to the car caused by negligence of the driver whether intentional or unintentional is entirely the responsibility of Kiu Tour Car Rental.
  6. Car rental on Kiu Tour Car Rental excludes life insurance and also does not include accident insurance.
  7. Car rental rates at Kiu Tour Car Rental are tailored to the type of car and tour route.
  8. There is no additional cost of money or tip to the driver, but if you are humanitarian to volunteer money or feeding the driver, we would be very grateful.
  9. To avoid unwanted things, booking only through Kiu Tour Car Rental, not through the driver directly. If there are any complaints or complaints where you previously booked through the driver directly (cut the compass), all the terms and conditions mentioned above are no longer valid and all risks that occur thereafter escape from our responsibility.
  10. Booking valid where the deposit transfer has been done then automatically you have agreed to all terms and conditions that we apply as mentioned above.
  11. So the terms and conditions of the car rental in Kiu Tour Car Rental we apply to avoid the things that are not desirable and can be used as legal evidence when needed (one party to do wan achievement).
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